What are the best brands of water in the world?

When it comes to water, it's important to note that the concept of "best" can be highly subjective, as people's preferences for the taste and mineral content of water vary widely. However, some bottled water brands are known for their purity, quality, and reputation. Here are a few bottled water brands that are often recognized for their quality:

1. Evian: Evian water is sourced from the French Alps and is known for its naturally balanced mineral composition. It's often praised for its clean and crisp taste.

Mineral composition (mg/L)
  • Calcium 80
  • Magnesium 26
  • Potassium 1
  • Sodium 6.5
  • Nitrates 3.8
  • Bicarbonates 360
  • Sulfates 14
  • Silica 15
  • Chlorides 10

Aqua Panna is another Italian brand of bottled water. It’s sourced from a natural spring in Tuscany and is often praised for its smooth, velvety taste.

Typical analysis mg/L

Bicarbonate 106
Sodium 6.5
Nitrate 2.9 
Potassium 0.8
Total Dissolved Solids at 180°C142 mg/L 
  • highly desirable and uncommonly high pH of 8.4, making it naturally alkaline.
  •  It possesses a naturally low mineral content (TDS of 62 ppm) that does not crowd the palate with heavy metals, minerals or silica. A water so pure, nothing is added or taken away. 
  • Icelandic Glacial™ was the world’s first bottled water to be certified as CarbonNeutral® for both product and operation. Icelandic Glacial takes immense pride in running a completely sustainable operation fueled entirely by geothermal and hydroelectric power. 

4. Fiji Water: Fiji Water is sourced from an underground aquifer in the Yaqara Valley of Viti Levu, Fiji. It's known for its naturally high mineral content and smooth taste.

5. Voss: Voss water comes from a pristine aquifer in Iveland, Norway. It's bottled in a distinctive cylindrical glass bottle and is known for its pure, clean taste.

6. San Pellegrino: San Pellegrino is an Italian brand known for its sparkling mineral water. It comes from the natural springs in the Italian Alps and is often enjoyed for its effervescence and mineral content.

7. Perrier: Similar to San Pellegrino, Perrier is another well-known French brand of sparkling mineral water. It's known for its distinctive green bottles and effervescence.

8. Mountain Valley Spring Water: Sourced from a natural spring in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, USA, Mountain Valley Spring Water is known for its crisp and refreshing taste.

9. SmartWater: SmartWater is produced by The Coca-Cola Company and is known for its unique vapor-distilled purification process. It's often promoted as a hydrating option.

10. Topo Chico: Topo Chico is a Mexican brand of sparkling mineral water. It's known for its effervescence and is a popular choice for mixing with various beverages.

It's important to remember that the perception of water quality and taste can be highly subjective. Some people prefer their local tap water or have specific preferences for the mineral content of water. Additionally, the environmental impact of bottled water is a concern, so using reusable containers and drinking tap water, where safe, can be more sustainable choices.

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