Top 58 High Protein Vegan Recipes

Do you wonder where to get protein as a vegan? Ranked below is food ranked from highest to lowest protein content (protein (g)/100g)

Ranking from highest to lowest protein per gram.

1. Protein powders (80g protein/100g)

vegan protein powder AI

2. Vital wheat Gluten (76g protein/100g)

Vital Wheat Gluten
plant protein cymbiotika

4. Nut flours (fat reduced) (50g protein/100g)

nut flours

5. Nutritional Yeast (50g protein/100g)

Nutritional Yeast

6. Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) (50g protein/100g)

textured vegetable protein

7. Bean noodles (44g protein/100g)

black bean noodles

8. Black Bean Spaghetti (200g 88,8g Protein 44g fibre vegan gluten free ca446 mg458mg fe20mg)

black bean noodles

9. Soy flour (40g protein/100g)

Soy Flour

10. Beans and lentils (dry) (20-26g protein/100g)

Beans And Lentils Dried
paleovalley superfood bar
pumpkin protein bread

13. Tempeh (19g protein/100g)


14. Cocoa (18g protein/100g)


15. Lupini beans (brined) (16g protein/100g)

Lupini Beans
Delicious Gluten-free Complete Protein Bread
Choc Chip Cookies
High Protein, Vegan "Cherry Protein Brownies"
19. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies (13g protein/100g)​
Lupine Protein Burgers - anti-inflammatory yumminess (13g Protein/100g)

21. Tofu (12g protein/100g)


22. Edaname (11g protein/100g)

asta With Creamy Champignon Sauce
24. Gold Chocolate (or vanilla flavour) by Organify (7g protein/100g)
3 Ingredient Green Hulk soft serve (quark + avocado + sweetener)
Protein Porridge (5g Protein/100g)
Blueberry Cookie Dough

29. Soy milk (3g protein/100g)

soy milk

Ranking uncatagorised:

almond protein bars
Crunchy Edamame Salad
vegan pancake by hollutions
V2 Mince, burger, sausage, sauce
toasted sourdough bread with avocado and smoked paprika chickpeas
Screenshot 2023 11 21 183024
Raw Chocmint Super Protein Bars
vegan fritters
Avocado Chickpea Salad.png G
three ingredient brownies cocoa banana peanut butter
homemade chocolate and peanut bars
vegan dumplings
vegan lasagne
Vegan Cake

45. Lebanese Tabbouleh Salad

Lebanese Tabbouleh Salad
chilli oil dumplings
Squash Patties
Crispy Smuck Pancakes
Screenshot 2023 11 21 180134
Plant-based Salmon by "plantishseafood
Lab-grown Chicken… only sold in Singapore? Vegan?
Screenshot 2023 11 21 175633
How To Recreate Chef Shannon Martinez’s Plant-Based Dan Dan Noodle Recipe At Home
3 Minute Tomato Soup
30g Protein Meal Soy Quark Blueberries Oats Granola

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