Top 10 SEO Hacks by Matt Diamante

1. How do you choose the keywords that you want to optimize for?

Matt Diamante shows how you can optimize keyword search by domain overview, organic review, choose your country and select green items that rank high in clients searching keywords.

2. Do this if you want to show up higher in google

Matt Diamante shows how to configure from link to link so that you can show up higher on Google.

3. Get backlinks to your site

BackLinks are links on websites other than your own that go back to a page on your website. Backlinks are also called inbound links because they represent another website’s traffic coming to your own site. Matt Diamante shows how you can do this using

4. How to only get traffic from a specific country

Matt Diamante covers meta tags and links that are local so that  Google picks up where you are from and protects your website from unwanted traffic.

5. How to show up higher in Google

Matt Diamante showing a way to get more traffic onto your site by locating local charities to place a backlink on their site to yours.

6. The biggest reason why you are not showing up No1. in googles search engine

A clean looking website instead of a clunky looking one is going to have a better chance at showing up as No.1 on Googles search engine

7. Go ahead and do this if you want your site to show up higher in Google search engine

Goto and add the extention of your website. Make sure the keyword you are looking for is in the Title and Meta Description. Also make sure the keyword is in Heading 1 tag and in one of your Heading 2 tags.

8. Recycle SEO Strategy

Matt Diamante shoes a recycle SEO strategy by giving a blog with zero hits a backlink.

9. How to make your website show up on Google for free

Matt Diamante details how the solution to getting website to show up on Google is by uploading existing content.

10. A way for Google to find your site really fast

Matt Diamante shows a way for Google to find your website really fast taking just 2 minutes to configure.

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