10 of the best Resistance Bands to purchase for exercising.

Before I mention the 20 best Resistance bands to use, I firstly wanted to discuss that it is extremely difficult to find the best resistance bands for you, so please don’t hesistate to contact us so I can do the best research FOR YOU to find the best resistance bands customised according to YOU.

The 10 best Resistance Bands in the market:

1. Alibaba

alibaba resistance bands

Alibaba sells resistance bands like other companies listed below, and for the fraction of the price. Delivery prices is the most costly expense, but the total price is still lower than its competitors. Another pro is that you can get your logo customised, but at a hefty price, but still probably better than the competitors.  

VERVE resistance bands

Verve Fitness takes first place because of the ideal combination of pricing and band tension.

WODFitters Resistance bands

WODFitters takes second place because of it’s price being slightly greater than Verve Fitness, whilst also having ideal band tension up to and equal to Rogue Fitness.

Serious steel resistance bands

Offers the highest band tension of 300Ibs, but for the highest prices between WODFitters, Verve Fitness and Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness MONSTER BANDS resistance bands

Rogue sells great bands which range with band tensions from 15 pounds to 200 pounds but for prices higher than the above brands.

WeckMethod Resistance Bands

Doesn’t serve too much variety in resistance levels, but goes up to 180Ibs, but for the most affordable prices.

Black Mountain Products single stackable resistance bands

Offer different types of resistance bands – piping tubes, which yield lower resistances maxing at 60Ibs.

theraband resistance band
kayzean vector resistance band
vertimax v8 resistance band

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