Ranking 4 of The Best All-in-one Squat/Power Rack in the World

Finding the best all-in-one Squat/power rack in the World is largely confined to living in Australia. Here are the rankings:

1. Muscle Motion Smith Machine JL006 by SuperAlphago

At Number 1 is the Muscle Motion Smith Machine (JL006) BECAUSE it offers TWO pulley systems AND WEIGHTS for the price of only $1799 AUD. Unique to lots of competitors is also the smith machine. Great if you live in Australia – especially Gold Coast because of cheaper delivery additional prices and less delivery times. Furthermore, ranking this at Number 1 is not the final end, this product still does have some flaws in the instructions and in the installation is quite rigorous. 


At a similar price of ~$1933 AUD, this one offers similar features, but weight stack is not provided. But the pros of not providing the weight stack is that more weights get be ultimately added, and the weights which might come from the JL006 might and I believe are not of the greatest quality, I have purchased one of the JL006 myself. But still I would put the JL006 above the SML07. 

I have lumped together all of Aliexpress’s products into one because if you don’t live in China, and are quite far from China, then delivery prices are enormous, and the delivery time can be at least around 30 days depending on where you live. An example product is the image below and comes at the price of $1200 not including the enormous delivery prices and delivery times. 

At a price of $1600 including delivery, this product is excellent and allows additional attachements which exceed the attachments of the other products mentioned above, but at large financial costs. This product is also ranked #4 because it has one source of load for the pulleys in the middle back rather than two sources, possibly theoretically causing some scraping along the cables perhaps. 

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