About Melogo hdGreetings,

My name is George Filippopoulos, and I proudly serve as the proprietor of Hollutions.au. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Sciences with a specialization in Human Movement, my academic journey has encompassed a diverse array of disciplines, including Psychology, Statistics, Chemistry, Physiology, Advanced Physiology, and an in-depth exploration of Anatomy — spanning from the intricacies of the lower body to the complexities of neuroanatomy. This comprehensive education has afforded me profound insights into the study of the human body.

In 2016, following the successful completion of my Bachelor’s Degree, I earned a Personal Training Certificate (3&4) in Fitness. Subsequently, I embarked on an ongoing educational journey at the prestigious CHEK Institute, further honing my expertise in holistic health and wellness.

Simultaneously, I have been diligently involved in nurturing a business venture named ‘Hollutions.’ The name is a fusion of “Holistic” and “Solutions,” reflecting the core ethos of providing comprehensive solutions in the realm of holistic well-being.

Hollutions.com, a collaborative partner website, focuses on disseminating valuable content. While it does not produce its own material, it serves as a platform for individual publishers. Boasting nearly 4000 monthly viewers, the platform outgrew its initial framework, prompting an upgrade. As part of this expansion, a new website, Hollutions.au, was developed. This platform specializes in crafting articles that uniquely combine various relevant products and services into cohesive pages. Hollutions.au seamlessly integrates the placement of advertisements, aligning with its commitment to effective content dissemination.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my academic background and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Best Regards, George Filippopoulos Owner, Hollutions.au

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