6 of The Best Fitness Footwear in the World

The best running shoe for you will depend on the type of running you plan on doing, as well as the level of comfort and support you’d like in your shoes. Here are some of our favorite picks for best running shoes:

1. Vibram Five fingers

“Vibram’s toe shoes are designed to help runners & hikers improve their balance and feel more connected to the ground. Their five-fingered shoes allow the toes freedom to flex and grip, while their barefoot nature allows for uninterrupted ground feedback when running or hiking”

vibram five fingers

“I wear minimalist shoes: they allow you to mimic walking around barefoot, which is the way you’ve evolved to move.

A 2019 study found that walking in minimalist shoes for six months increases foot muscle size and strength by over 60%, the same amount you would get from doing a dedicated foot strengthening exercise program (yes, that is a thing).

I highly recommend you check out minimalist footwear. @vivobarefoot is my new favorite. You can start by wearing your minimalist shoes around the house or going for a short walk in the morning. You may find that your feet, ankles, and calves are sore; that’s because you’re working muscles that you haven’t worked in a long time.

I worked with the team at @vivobarefoot to give you a discount on your next pair of shoes. Head over to vivobarefoot.com/DAVEASPREY to get 20% off.” – Dave Asprey

  • Vegan. No Animal products
  • Low impact dyed footbed, GOTS certified
  • Secure & free ergonomic laces
  • Copper & stainless steel earthing system grounds you to the Earth
  • Made with Vibram® outsoles for a responsive sure footed experience
Speed Force Ii Running & Speed Training Shoe

“The Speed Force II from Xero Shoes is a redesign from their popular running shoes, with an upgraded breathable upper and welded components for added durability. The minimalist shoes provide a surprising amount of support, with instep straps that keep the shoe connected to the foot. Additionally, the 4.5-millimeter thick rubber soles are rated to last 5,000 miles.” – Garage Gym Reviews. 

  • Lightweight, minimalist running shoes
  • Welded components for extra durability
  • Breathable upper
  • 4.5-mm thick rubber sole
born primitive shoes

Very stable for lifting weights like cross fit workouts, HIIT workouts, but no so much for long walks and running (at all):

  • Training shoes from Born Primitive
  • Minimal midsole
  • 4-mm heel-to-toe drop
  • Flat, stable base
  • Wide toe box
Xero Shoes Hfs Ii
  • Minimalist road running shoe
  • Lightweight at 8.3 oz in mens size 9
  • Tire tread-inspired outsole the stay secure off the road
  • Thin Barefoam layer of protection added to sole
  • 0 mm heel-toe drop

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