15 things to do with your Urine, yes Urine, from basic to Advanced (according to a Scientist)

1. Discard it conventionally in the toilet together with 6 LITRES OF WATER.

peeing in the toilet

2. Peeing in the sink only using 1.13 of water

Can You Actually Save Water By Peeing in the Sink?
The toilet uses about 1.6 gallons (6 liters) per flush, while the average water consumption after you pee in the sink is about 0.3 gallons (1.13 liters) which also includes hand washing.
Peeing In The Sink

3. Pee in the garden... AND use as a compost booster or fertiliser.

Letting urine mature into ammonia can be used to kill Weeds. Urine can also be used as a Compost booster or fertilizer by breaking down other compostable materials and enhance their ability to fertilize soil. Urine contains loads of nitrogen, which is crucial for plants and usually a main component of commercial fertilizers. After observing local farmers who frequently peed on their crops and conducting a study published in Scientia Horticulturae, researchers in Nepal found that pepper plants grown in soil containing a mix of human urine and compost grew the tallest and yielded the most peppers. And researchers in Finland found that tomato plants fertilized with urine and wood ash yielded almost four times the number of tomatoes of those that weren’t fertilized.

Peeing In The Garden

4. Drink it...

the Ancient Art of Shivambu/Urine therapy. The folklore behind it is that it is has HGH, amino acids, minerals. Smells like urine, makes skin look golden.

peeing in a cup and drinking it

5. Whiten your Teeth

Whiten your teeth. Ancient Romans used urine to whiten their teeth, as the ammonia would bleach and remove stains. Suddenly morning breath doesn’t seem so bad.

whiten teeth

6. Treat skin conditions.

Contrary to common belief, urine is not a waste product. It consists predominantly of water, making up about 95-98%, while the remaining components include a mix of hormones, minerals, and salt. For those unfazed by the idea, there’s a potential remedy for acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Applying a small amount of urine with a clean, damp towel and leaving it on for a few minutes before rinsing could be beneficial. To ensure cleanliness, employ the “clean-catch method” by collecting mid-stream urine during the act. Morning urine is often considered optimal for facial treatments due to the heightened concentration of hormones overnight.

treatment of skin conditions artificial intelligence

7. Wound sterilization

When urine first leaves the body, it is actually sterile. As long as it was produced by strong healthy kidneys, it will contain no living organisms and therefore no bacteria. ​

Wound Sterilisation

8. Generate power

Why flush it when you can use it to power your cell phone? In Nigeria, four girls created a pee-powered generator that can generate six hours of electricity with one liter of urine. It separates out the hydrogen in urine, removes the moisture, and pushes the hydrogen gas into the generator. Similarly, scientists in Singapore created a battery that is activated by biofluids like urine and can be used to power devices that test for diseases.

generating electricity using urine

9. Urine is a health indicator

The hue of urine serves as a valuable gauge of a person’s health and may offer insights into potential ailments. For instance, a lighter yellow shade may signal adequate hydration, whereas a darker yellow hue could indicate dehydration. If urine appears reddish or pink, it may suggest the presence of blood, pointing to various issues such as a urinary tract infection (UTI), enlarged prostate, tumors, cysts, or kidney problems. Orange urine might be linked to liver problems, among other possibilities. The color spectrum continues, emphasizing the importance of paying attention to these visual cues as they could signify imbalances in the body.

Now, let’s explore some uses that range from slightly unconventional to amusing!

The urine albumin-creatinine ratio (uACR) test measures the amount of two different substances in your urine – albumin (a protein) and creatinine.

urine colours meaning

10. You can get your laundry clean.

These days laundry detergent comes in every scent, type, and color. In ancient Rome that wasn’t the case. Instead, fullones, the ancient washers used different alkalis and ammonia-containing agents—two of which were human and dog urine—to remove dirt from garments. They would leave containers on street corners for people to urinate in and take them away once they were full.

laundry AI

11. Fix fabric dye.

Recall the days when you used to create tie-dye patterns on white t-shirts during camp? Modern tie-dye kits utilize specific chemicals, but in the past, plant-based dyes were set into the fabric using a mordant to prevent the dye from running. Stale urine, rich in ammonia, was a widely used mordant. Families would strategically place chamber pots to gather urine for the dyeing process. During the 16th century in England, the demand for urine was so significant that textile-manufacturing towns, including those along the Yorkshire Coast, resorted to importing it from major cities like London and Newcastle.

fabric dye

12. Make gunpowder.

Before potassium nitrate or saltpeter—which is a main component of gunpowder along with charcoal and sulfur—began to be produced on a large scale in the 20th century, gunpowder makers would make it out of pee, which contains nitrogen and ammonia. The reaction of the ammonia with oxygen forms nitrates. When combined with manure, leaves, and potassium-containing ash, as described by physician and geologist Joseph LeConte in 1862, BOOM!—you’ve got potassium nitrate.


13. Treat infertility.

Women who do not exhibit a positive response to fertility treatments involving the use of the drug clomiphene, which stimulates hormone release, often proceed to receive injections of gonadotropins. These hormones are designed to stimulate the ovaries, encouraging the development of follicles containing eggs. While gonadotropins are commonly synthesized in a laboratory setting, they can alternatively be derived from purified urine.

Infertility Treatment

14. Turn it into drinking water.

They say necessity is the mother of innovation, so it’s no surprise that the folks at NASA, who have to deal with the challenges of outer space travel, created the forward osmosis bag (FOB) system, which turns wastewater, like urine and gray water, into water that is safe to drink. Cheers!


15. Smell your Urine.


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